Company Overview

Greenzone Business & Energy Consulting specializes in creative comprehensive green energy and sustainable business solutions. We do business directly with North America's largest green energy suppliers and the nation's leading green technology manufacturers, contractors and consultants to ensure that our clients receive the best quality energy management solutions that the market has to offer. Our products include discounted electricity and gas services, renewable energy credits (RECs), energy efficiency equipment, home energy systems and many more products designed to increase your cash flow, improve your quality of life and reduce your impact on Earth's valuable green resources.

Whether you are in the marketplace to save money on your bills or to retrofit a large manfacturing facility, Greenzone's economy of scale, efficient green business practices and real-time energy pricing index allow us to provide you the best prices and value available for your comprehensive energy solution needs. Our expert consultants are trained to discover and maximize your savings.

With Greenzone clients can...

Reduce their rates on electrical bills 5-7%
Reduce their rates on natural gas bills 3-5% (locked in for 1-5 year periods)
Save an additional 10-20% on electricity use & cost with our EnergyMizer System
Lock in the natural gas rate of their choice for up to five years
Take advantage of each monetary shift in energy prices
Acquire carbon credits

Department of Energy Facts
"Up to 25% of billable electricity consumed in business is non-productive and unsuitable"

U.S. Congress Facts
"The country is experiencing an energy crisis characterized by rapid and drastic increases as well as threatened shortages"

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