Using the EnergyMizer by Greenzone can increase electrical efficiency in both homes and small businesses. Plug it in and the EnergyMizer instantly corrects wasted electricity (known as “dirty electricity”) in the form of harmful electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic interferences. New technology has greatly reduced the original size of the EnergyMizer to a small plug-in unit. Motors and appliances will run cooler and more efficiently and they will last longer, giving you big savings on all your equipment.

Save Energy

captures, filters and flattens incoming electricity and releases steady power

Cleaner Power

reduce health risks due to exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)


reduces wear on all motors, appliances, compressors and other electronic devices

Ready to Save an Extra 8-20% on Your Energy Bill?

“Green” your Home

The EnergyMizer captures, filters and flattens incoming electricity and releases steady power, reducing wear on all motors, appliances, compressors and other electronic devices, allowing them to operate at higher capacity for a longer life. Additionally, you receive a savings of eight to twenty percent on your electric bills. The EnergyMizer may also reduce health risks due to exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) – which may contribute to cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia and heart disease – as well as Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) – which may cause headaches and affect your focus and attention. Using the EnergyMizer reduces demands on power plants, reduces the amount of fossil fuels consumed and reduces pollution.


  • Get more power out of the electricity you pay for

  • Cut your carbon footprint

  • Reduce pollution

  • Get an 8 to 20 percent overall reduction in your electric bill

  • Reduce demand on grid

  • Six Year Warranty


Our system corrects spikes and surges and brings a more uniform, level power into your home or business. It stores, flattens and releases power as needed as demonstrated in the diagram below:

Department of Energy Facts

"Up to 25% of billable electricity consumed in business is non-productive and unsuitable"

U.S. Congress Facts

"The country is experiencing an energy crisis characterized by rapid and drastic increases as well as threatened shortages"


1. Magnetic phase balancing of the voltage to reduce demand, noise and waste in loads

The EnergyMizer by Greenzone balances electrical currents so that they flow as evenly as possible through phased systems. This creates a more efficient flow of electricity, resulting in less electrical waste.

2. Harmonic filtering of non-power currents to reduce the billed Kilowatt Hour demand

Harmonics are the by-product of modern electrical systems, which degrade the level of power quality and efficiency. The EnergyMizer filters the excessive harmonics resulting in better power quality and effiecency.

3. Transient voltage conversion by capturing surges and redistributing as usable power

The built in micro surge protection in the EnergyMizer by Greenzone does not ground surges and spikes that occur in normal electrical use. Instead, these surges are captured and released as usable currents that results in a lower demand drawn from the utility provider.

4. Resonance-free power factor correction to reduce reactive non-power demand

Power factor is a measure of the overall efficiency of the electrical system. The EnergyMizer by Greenzone uses resonance-free power factor correction, thereby safely increasing the power factor without the risk of high resonance.

5. Reduced the load currents resulting in the reduced peak demand and subsequent charges

The EnergyMizer by Greenzone reduces peak load current, thereby resulting in lower peak load rates billed by the utility provider for peak demand.

Efficient. Power Saving. Money Saving

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